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    Mustansir Zakirhusain
    OraDocs - sharing externally
    Topic posted July 30, 2019 by Mustansir Zakirhusain, tagged Content Management 
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    OraDocs - sharing externally
    Unable to share content to public

    Hi there - I wanted to check how I can request the system administrator to allow me access to share content publicly. Currently, on OraDocs, if I click on Share Link > Edit Link Options > This link is "Public", it shows in "Who can access this link?" --> "All Registered Users" followed by "Users who can sign into Oracle Content and Experience".

    I read in the that the sharing can be restricted:

    "Your service administrator can allow or prevent the use of public links for your service and set who can receive those links (anyone or only registered users)."

    How do I request for the service administrator to allow me to share publicly?




    • Igor Polyakov

      ORADOCS service is managed by Oracle IT org, hence there are certain restrictions on file sharing are applied based on Oracle policies. Check 

    • Mustansir Zakirhusain
      Thank you very much! I raised the OIM request and now have access to Public Ora Docs. It works very well to share with clients and partners outside of Oracle!