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    Divinee Jac suguna Prince
    Checkbox with multiple values needs to be added to the...
    Topic posted August 13, 2018 by Divinee Jac suguna Prince, tagged Business Objects, Database 
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    Checkbox with multiple values needs to be added to the business object

    I have a checkbox which can have multiple values selected. I need the values selected to go into a field in the business Object,

    What should be the type of the field (there no type of array) in the business object so that it can hold multiple values. I am fine if it is stored as comma separated value. But I am not able to save it in as it complains with unable to parse payload.


    ps: I am just starting with visual builder



    • John Ceccarelli

      One pattern for this is to have a 1:m relationship from this business object to another one that stores the values. Create the new business object and then use the Relationships field in the BO editor's Overview tab to create the 1:M relationship. Then you can edit the type from endpoint to also contain the nested array and use that to bind the checkbox group.