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    Jorge Villalba
    Poll when the session expire
    Topic posted June 10, 2019 by Jorge Villalba, last edited June 10, 2019, tagged Mobile 
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    Poll when the session expire


    Is It possible to send a poll when the session expire?


    Version 19.1.3-1904300042



    • Rohit Dhamija

      Hi Jorge,

      Can you please explain your use-case in more detail. 

      Are you referring to web-channel ? 

      Do you want to display a dialog box when session get's expired? Or about to expire?



      • Jorge Villalba

        Hi Rohit.

        I want to know the level of satisfaction possible for the client through a poll.I found some examples of chatbots and how to display them in a poll with a dialogue structure. I want to display the poll before to session expire. Is it possible?