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    Sumeet Vinayak
    How to allow Order Promising by allowing overloads to the...
    Topic posted January 7, 2019 by Sumeet VinayakRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    How to allow Order Promising by allowing overloads to the resources- B2B scenario
    Need to promise on an earlier date than what GOP is suggesting. Want to GOP to consider the overload while promising the subsequent orders

    In my client’s organization, the manufacturing is mostly custom, based on client requirements with shorter lead time – generally gets delivery between 1-7 days. We’ve modelled this in the back to back flow. And at times, production has flexibility to accommodate more work orders – due to fewer changeovers / additional operators etc.

    I am thinking of giving them the option of overriding SSD, when they can accommodate more workers. And I’ve got the Pre-transformation Rule to set SSD based on a Date (have the Override Schedule Flag = Yes).

    SO lets say GOP is suggesting me a date for next week, say 15th Jan. I’m getting the SSD set to 11th Jan. So far so good. But when I run ‘Release Planning Recommendation’ then the B2B work order gets created for 15th Jan and SSD gets updated back to 15th Jan. (this is release 18B, the instance got upgraded to 18C over the weekend – I still need to test this on 18c).

    What I want is to have the work order created for 11th Jan (as production has confirmed the Sales Order Entry Clerk that it’s achievable) and get the resource overloaded.

    Is this the right / best solution approach? Does GOP consider overloading of resources or does it always look at – Cumulative Available vs Cumulative Required Resourcing to give SSD – in which case my only option will be to increase resource availability (hours / utilization / efficiency) and rerun collection and restart GOP server before processing the Sales Order to give me SSD for 11th Jan?

    Thanks in advance. 



    • Ram Menon

      GOP does not typically overload resources. However, it does allow you to manually override the scheduled ship date and scheduled arrival date to enter user-defined dates. For this, you can edit the order in Oracle Fusion Order Management once it has been scheduled, provide the new scheduled ship and scheduled arrival dates and re-schedule the order. In this way, you could impose the dates you need by overriding the dates GOP provides.

      • Sumeet Vinayak

        Will this work in the B2B scenario as well? 

        What I've tested is - setting the SSD to a desired date by using 'Override Schedule Flag' in Pre-transformation rule. So after schedule step, I see the desired date as SSD. But when it completes the Supply Request (i.e. Work Order is created through SCO), then SSD is set back to GOP derived date. 


    • Ram Menon

      Once a date is scheduled by GOP, it typically does not get altered unless it is re-scheduled. Once the desired date is enforced on GOP as the schedule ship date, it should persist unless a re-schedule occurs. The Work Order dates should typically get pulled in as well. More details would be needed on the tested flow and observed results to understand this.

      • Sumeet Vinayak

        How can I enforce a SSD to GOP? 

        If I can, I would like to enforce and earlier date than what GOP is suggesting and get the B2B WO created on that. And let this WO overload the resource. 

        Currently I'm not sure how to get  the GOP promise an earlier date than what is has calculated - only option I can think of is to increase resource utilization / efficiency > Run collection etc > then submit the order. This would mean the Order Entry person will have to get back to the customer after all this happens. 

        Any help here would be highly appreciated. 

    • Ram Menon

      As mentioned earlier, you could enforce a schedule ship date and schedule arrival date by overriding the dates that GOP calculates. One way to do this would be to navigate to the OM work area, select the order of interest, go to the fulfillment view of the order and edit it. It is also possible using GOP public webservices to impose a given date on GOP. For other ways to accomplish this and for any further queries concerning the OM work area, please touch base with the OM folks.