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    Silas Deblanc
    Recognizing names
    Topic posted August 14, 2018 by Silas Deblanc, tagged Bots, Conversational AI 
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    Recognizing names
    Who is who- search by name function


    I'm currently working on a chatbot project where I have to implement a "Who is who?" function. Here are some example questions to begin with:

    Search by function:
    Can you get me in contact with a warehouseman?
    - Help me find a project engineer.
    - I want to talk to a consultant.

    Search by department:
    -How can I contact the responsible of ICT?
    -I need to talk to someone from cardiology.

    Search by name:
    -Can i get the phonenumber from Guy Huyssmans?
    -I want the email of Deblanc Silas.
    -How can I get in contact with Maddy Desmet? 

    As seen above, I'm thinking to split up this "Who is who" into 3 different intents : Who_is_who-function , Who_is_who-department, Who_is_who-name. So I can make entities such as "function" and "department" (as value lists) and use their values to search through my database. 

    The problem now is that I have a database of over 3000 people so it's impossible to make a value list of all possible names. Is there any easy way of recognizing and extracting names out of a sentence in Oracle Chatbot? Or do you have an alternative solution? 

    P.S: The names are mainly dutch names.

    Thanks in advance,

    Deblanc Silas



    • Grant Ronald

      You might be able to do this with only one intent - you then have entities for Person, Department, ContactType.    So you are interest then in e.g. "Bob Smith" and "email" (and if Department is empty you can ignore that).

      THere is a features planned for dynamic entities (e.g. reading employee names) but there should be no problem in adding 3000 names to an entity - personally I've had an entity of 7000 values. (I directly edited the bot file to add them)