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    Vijayaraghavan Karuppiah
    Item Class Bulk creation in Product Hub Cloud
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by Vijayaraghavan KaruppiahRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Product Hub, Setup 
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    Item Class Bulk creation in Product Hub Cloud
    Item Class Bulk creation in Product Hub Cloud

    Do we have any functionality in fusion product hub cloud to bulk or mass create item classes ? We have around 1500+ item classes for one of the MFG customer.

    I understand that we can use FSM CSV based export and import method, but then the import through CSV doesn't support item class creation with sequence generated item number as the import CSV file doesn't have an placeholder to capture additional item classes.


    Any help on this is highly appreciated. Thanks.



    • Narendra Yanamadala

      Hi Vijay,

      There is no such feature. I think defining 1500+ Item Classes will only make the implementation complex when you get to defining roles and other setups. In my experience, there has never been a need to create such a large number of item classes. I suppose you rethink your approach of defining Item Classes. 





    • Ramkumar Oduru

      Hi Vijay,

      I think right now there is no bulk load option or inbound integration for Item Class creation. Below are the Item Class best practices that was provided by oracle (You might already aware of these but just sharing incase if it helps). 

      Do not create more than 1000 item classes
      Maximum depth of item class hierarchy is 15
      Most classifications do not require more than 5 levels


    • Shyam Lakshman

      Please review the best practices session at

      Another option for mass creation of item classes is to use the Item Class SOAP web service: