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    Ramesh Radhakrishnan
    How to Import Personalization from One environment to Other...
    Topic posted October 5, 2018 by Ramesh RadhakrishnanBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Customization, How-To 
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    How to Import Personalization from One environment to Other environemnt


    We made personalization in the supplier portal - bid responses to hide certain fields like promise delivery date etc. We performed this in TEST environment and we are in the process of production cut-over. We realized that in prod environment we cannot create bids and simulate the supplier portal to perform this personalization.

    Is there an option to import personalization from one environment to other? if so any guidelines on this will be very helpful.






    • Alan Ng

      Moved from Supplier Management forum.

    • Aditya Singh

      Hi Ramesh,

      As Best Practice oracle doesn't allow and recommend to import/export published sandbox, 

      Although unpublished sandboxes can be migrated from one environment to another. Please use the following steps to do it:

      Download the sandbox from source environment:

      1) login -> click on username -> manage sandboxes

      2) search for the sandbox and click on it

      3) click on 'Download All' link


      Now you have to import the sandbox to the target environment:

      1) login to fusion

      2) username -> manage sandboxes

      3) click on import button (if import button isn't visible, follow 'Import Button Is Not Visible In Manage Sandboxes UI (Doc ID 1902538.1)' to make it visible)

      4) select zip file for upload from your local system

      5) once the sandbox has been successfully imported, it will start appearing in the list of available sandboxes. Activate the sandbox.

      6) verify the changes and publish the sandbox to make changes permanent.


      Aditya Singh

    • Nabeel Jaffri

      Hello Ramesh,

      Did the above steps helped you?

      Thank you.

    • Nabeel Jaffri

      Another question, do we need a specific security role to download the sandbox?

      • Aditya Singh

        No not any specific roles are required for this, if you are an implementation user then you can access it or else try giving application implementation consultant role to user(if in case you are not having impl user)

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      No we ended up manually migrating the objects. Import and export did not work and we saw lot of issues and decided to migrate manually.

    • Nabeel Jaffri

      Thanks Guys. This is not a great news.