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    Overbill from supplier portal
    Topic posted October 21, 2019 by s kBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Overbill from supplier portal
    Over Invoice from supplier portal but within invoice tolerances


    We have both quantity and amount based  invoice tolerances as 20%.

    However, i could not create an invoice from supplier portal with quantity or amount greater than ordered quantity. ( supplier is creating a PO matched invoice )

    How can a supplier create a PO matched invoice which is over Purchase order quantity or amount via supplier portal, which is within the invoice tolerances.

    Thank you



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    • Sriram Ramanujam

      At present, it is not possible.

      If you believe this is a valid use case , you would like to have this submitted as an enhancement request, please visit the Ideas Forum and place your request. This will allow other users to vote on the idea