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    Celestino Celespara
    Supplier Audit Report Query
    Topic posted January 24, 2019 by Celestino CelesparaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Fusion, Payables, Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration 
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    Supplier Audit Report Query
    Need Supplier Audit Report


    Is anyone having issues with the out of the box Supplier Audit Report?  We have configured the audit policies for supplier model and selected the objects/attributes.  Issue is that it's not capturing the "Old" values.  Furthermore what I need is to show the following but the out of the box report is not giving me the information:

    1. Bank account # changes for a supplier/site - Old and New values

    2. Address changes for a supplier/site - Old and New values

    I see there are tables to query using BIP reporting, but the tables don't appear to store the Old values based on my testing.  I did log a ticket in with Oracle, but just wanted to see if anyone is facing a similar issue and if not what do you currently use for supplier auditing and does it contain the two items noted above?




    • Hong Gao

      Supplier audit report supports auditing on the bank account number change and address change.  Please reference the post below and make sure that those attributes are enabled for audit.

      When running audit report, please also make sure to check the box for "Show Attribute Details" so that old and new values will appear in the results table.