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    Kyle Snay
    Need help with my test widget
    Topic posted August 21, 2008 by Kyle SnayGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Need help with my test widget

    Okay, my widget doesn't work. I've gone through the PDF document for the Nov 07 version (see attached). The RightNow site we're using for the test is I'm just trying to create a very basic widget and that help document isn't very helpful.


    The test page for the widget can be found here: It's very basic, just a blank page with the widget. 


    I'm guessing the issue lies within the reader1.url statement but I'm following the example on page 1 of the PDF and that's what it says to use. 


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




    • Dietrik

      You should link the reader uri to the opensearch.php page.


      See the example:




      or with your site:




      don't forget the quote at the end.


      Regards, Dirk

    • Kyle Snay

      DS wrote:

      You should link the reader uri to the opensearch.php page.


      Thanks Dirk, fixed the URL but still no widget. I gotta admit that the PDF "help" document on the KB widgets is pretty useless and frustrating. wallbash.gif

    • HT

      Your script tag has a typo: You should have closing '}' at the end of the function:



    • Kyle Snay

      htosun wrote:

      Your script tag has a typo: You should have closing '}' at the end of the function:


      Doh! homer.gif


      The bad news is that the widget page still isn't rendering. I dunno, I created the most basic test widget I could think of and it's not boding well.

      Got any other rabbits in your magic hat to fix this? easter3.gif

    • HT

      I tested on my machine; it works fine:


      Following is your script tags. I assume you have arss.js file and other script files are in the same directory where this page is (_arss.js, arss.css, prototype.js). In other words, all script files have to be in same location where arss.js is. More importantly, arss.js needs to be on the same server where this page is located.



      <script language="javascript" src="arss.js"></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">
      function MySearches(){
      var reader1 = RNTFeed.getReader();





    • Kyle Snay

      htosun wrote:


      Following is your script tags. I assume you have arss.js file and other script files are in the same directory where this page is (_arss.js, arss.css, prototype.js).


      Ah that's the problem. Should've given you a heads-up not to assume anything with me... the consequences aren't pretty. I forgot to copy the files and then read my notes from the PDF on where those files are located. Here's the excerpt:


      Copy all files (_arss.js, arss.js, arss.css, prototype.js, and a proxy file for your platform) to the target client machine’s web server. The proxy file is optional. See the Widget functionality section for details on where and when the proxy would need to be used.

      I checked the file manager but couldn't find them. 


      Sorry about the noobness of my dilemma. I can deal with HTML and CSS but I'm not a dev head. Of course I was informed that I wouldn't have to be to handle these widgets. wink.gif


    • HT

      Files are posted to Developer Community (under File Exchange)




    • Kyle Snay

      htosun wrote:

      Files are posted to Developer Community (under File Exchange)



      What?! Holy ***.gif where is this mentioned in the documentation? 


      Okay, okay, I think I now have it working now. Here's the test widget so I'm hoping it's right. I know it doesn't look pretty and there's a butt-load of stuff to learn to get this thing to display with filters and CSS properties but I hope this first part is at least done.


      Thanks again Hasari for your Yoda-like patience and guidance. bow.gif

    • anne

      How is it possible that the script mentioned above on this page:

      is working?


      There's an error in the script.

      It says:

      <script language="javascript" src=""></script>


      (look at the "wwww").


      I guess I have a correct script but it isn't working correctly and I don't understand why! The script is at:



      Can someone please check it for me?


      Thanks in advance.



    • HT

      There are a few things:


      1)   For the first widget instance ( You need to have arss.js file in the same directory where nhcc-widget.htm is because this is how your referenced it in nhcc-widget.htm directory. That is why this is not working.


      2)  For the second instance: You have the widget files (arss.js) files in the correct directory. However, you have two issues:

         a) Following URL is wrong. q, p and c parameters should follow with some values:

      for example /q/cat/p/1,3/c/2,5 where 1,3 is product hierarchy and 2,5 is category hierarchy

       Or you can remove /q/p/c

      Correct version:


       b) If you hit following page directly from any browser it fails. My assumption is that the opensearch report was changed. It is no longer operating correctly.








    • anne

      Thanks htosun.


      I'll drop the case since it's not mine. I only wanted to point out that there's an typing error in that version. Instead I'll focus on my version.


      I don't know exactly what you mean by "the opensearch report was changed".


      I've changed my version in the way you've suggested, but it still not working. It now launches an error message claiming that it can't retrieve RSS feeds from the server so your assumption might be right.

      I've tried a new approach now. This URL:

      (that must be on one line)


      produces results when called in a browser, but in the widget it gives again the same errormessage about not being able to retrieve RSS feeds.

      You can test it at:


      Do you have new suggestions?

    • HT

      Here are the issues:


      1) There is a mismatch between the widget version and your opensearch. Please download your widget code from:




      2) Put '?' at the end of URI as shown below:






      3) Following statement in your script assumes that you have a proxy installed on your server. I tested without proxy. It works. If you install the proxy properly it should work. Proxy is really optional. You can remove it.



    • anne

      Thanks htosun,


      Your information and help was very valuable. It's working now.

      (I removed the testversions.)



    • Kyle Snay

      I have an update to my quest for creating a KSW. Please note this is a Nov 07 widget as opposed to anything newer or in CP. I'm finding that if you're not a coder then things get ugly quickly (I can handle HTML and some CSS). FWIW I'm taking an intro level JavaScript class but the code in the widget files look nothing like what I'm seeing in class... yet.


      Anyway, my sample widget is at the bottom-left of this page (I've placed a temporary red border around the table  that contains the widget to help me with placement/layout). I've set up this widget so it displays the top 5 answers from a specified product and I've added some text/links in rows above widget but that's about it. 


      Here are my questions. If someone can help with any of them that would be great:

      1. How can I place a line of text above the bulleted list that says “Top 5 Admissions Answers”
      2. Is it possible to move the search field and button so that it appears beneath the bulleted answers? I’m assuming it is but I also need to move the line of text above it that says “Search for an Admissions answer:” and currently that’s in a separate row.
      3. I’m guessing it’s pretty easy to hide/comment out the Back/Next buttons. What code in which file would this be applied to?
      4. Right now I have the widget contained within a table that allows me to control the margins, width, etc (via a CSS rule I’ve applied to the table). However, I’d like to indent the bulleted list but I’m not sure how to create a CSS rule that would do this. I’m guessing I could apply it to the div tag containing the widget but don’t know what the rule would look like. Any idea?

      Again, any help would be deeply appreciated. bow.gif



    • HT

      Does this look OK?