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    Alison Schofield
    Pricing Cloud vs. CPQ Cloud Pricing
    Topic posted June 11, 2018 by Alison Schofield 
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    Pricing Cloud vs. CPQ Cloud Pricing
    How does Pricing Cloud differ from pricing in CPQ Cloud, and when should you use one versus the other.

    What is the difference between pricing in Pricing Cloud and CPQ Cloud?  

    • Pricing Cloud is an Enterprise Pricing solution. Meaning that it is designed to support the pricing of any orders captured across all sales channels. It is included with an Order Management cloud license.
    • CPQ pricing is part of CPQ Cloud and is designed to handle channel specific pricing for quotes and orders captured in CPQ Cloud only.

    If you are using CPQ Cloud and Order Management Cloud which pricing engine should you use?

    • The answer to this depends on your business process and how/when/where you wish to capture, price and update orders. You should consider the following :
    1. If you have multiple order capture systems - e.g. CPQ Cloud, EDI, Partner Store, Commerce Cloud, legacy order capture system etc. – and want to ensure consistent pricing across those channels you should use Pricing Cloud
    2. If you want to make changes (which impact pricing, shipping, tax etc.) to orders coming from your channel systems in Order Management Cloud you should use Pricing Cloud both in the channel system and Order Management Cloud to ensure consistency across the order to cash process
    3. If all orders are captured using CPQ Cloud and any order changes are always made in CPQ Cloud then you should use CPQ pricing.

    How is Pricing Cloud integrated to Order Management Cloud and CPQ Cloud?

    • Pricing Cloud is directly integrated to Order Management Cloud i.e. any orders created or updated in Order Management Cloud will always use Pricing Cloud to calculate the list / net price, shipping and tax (via integration to ERP Cloud) etc.
    • Pricing is integrated to CPQ cloud for configured products. For standard products customers can use the scripting capabilities in CPQ to call the Pricing Cloud service as needed during different pricing flows.



    • Prasad Kinkar

      Hi Alison,

      Nice thoughts. It would be great to know how can we leverage Pricing cloud as the single source of truth for both CPQ and SCM cloud and yet manage quote to order for standard, configured (ATOs, CTOs, PTOs, Kits etc.).

      Another thought is tax determination - so integrated, seamless flow of tax and price on quote, order.

      Appreciate if you could throw some light on this.