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    hongzhi zheng
    How to rename the Name fields
    Topic posted October 8, 2019 by hongzhi zheng, tagged Configuration, PaaS/SaaS 
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    How to rename the Name fields
    A japan customer wants to rename the name fields of [contact] and [opportunity]

    For sales cloud, One of my japan customers wants to rename below fields, please kindly advise, thank you.

    1. Contact >「name」, rename  to 「customer's name」
    2. Opportunity>「
    name」, rename to 「business name」






    • Judy Brocato

      Hi Hongzhi - Although you can relabel fields in Sales Cloud via App Composer,  I'd be very cautious in recommending how much a customer configures/customizes core features.  I don't know your customer's business but typically, you'd set it up "out-of-the-box" where the Contact has the relationship to the primary Account (*aka Business in your terms).  Relabeling this field almost seems redundant and would seem to be better served as a training item rather than customizing.   You can see the list of the Contact Names under the Account they belong to.   Additionally, there are downstream affects of relabeling core fields - i.e., when it comes to building reports and Admins searching for fields.  Make sure you document any changes you do make.

      #2:  relabeling the Opp to "Business Name," although can be done, does not seem like best practice either. An Opportunity has a relationship to the Account (aka Business).  So if you go to the Account, you can see the list of Opportunities. This seems like a similar training issue as above.  Would seem redundant. You could write a script to label your Opportunity Name to include the Business Name if that is what the customer is going for. Or add additional fields to the Opp layout with more detail is another option if that is what your customer is looking for. 

      If you decide to to relabel fields, you should create a sandbox in your test environment > go to App Composer > Fields and rename the Standard field.  There are all kinds of help materials on  After you've tested, you can move changes to your Production environment.

      Make sure you think through relabeling core items as f you are integrated to other Fusion applications or plan to (I.e.,ERP,  SPM, CDM, etc.) as these changes could create downstream effects when it comes to data cleansing, reporting and analytics.  Again, make sure you document well any changes. I'd find out more from why these changes are required for your customer and determine if the changes really needed or if better-served by training.  Good luck!