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    Igor Sergeev
    could not ssh connect to database instance
    Topic posted March 27, 2017 by Igor SergeevGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited March 28, 2017 
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    could not ssh connect to database instance
    could not ssh connect to database instance


    I created two non-database instances and one db instance in the Oracle Cloud. I used the same public key.

    Now I could login (with putty) to that two instances with user opc and private key.

    I can't login the same way to db instance, got an error "Server refused our key".

    If I open "SSH public keys" in Compute Console, I see, for some strange reason, 3 (three) public keys, one is my original key, bound to that two instances, that are OK.
    And, one public key with the name: "dbaas.myservice.DB.ora_tools" and one public key with name "dbaas.myservice.DB.ora_users".

    Both keys bound to db instance, and they are another, than first (original) key.



    • Robin Chatterjee

      I think these keys are used to push db patches to the box.  looks like somehow your key has not been picked up when provisioning the database.