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    Nathaniel Holycross
    Reassigning tasks more efficiently as an admin
    Topic posted October 3, 2019 by Nathaniel HolycrossGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 3, 2019, tagged Task Manager 
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    Reassigning tasks more efficiently as an admin

    Good afternoon,

    We have recently expanding our use of FCCS close manager utilizing many tasks to track our monthly and quarter end close process. As users in the business leave or change positions I find myself manually reassigning tasks in the deployed schedule (so that users see changes) and in the template (so it is correct for next month). Is there an easier way to manager task assignments? The process seems time consuming and cumbersome to make a lot of changes at once.

    We have enabled users to request task changes but  my understanding is this only works if they are defined by name in the workflow (not a group).This does not help if a user has already left the business.  I would like to use this function as an admin for all tasks. Am I missing a feature or process that I could request these task reassignments for  other users for current and future tasks as an admin or power user? Ideally I would like more criteria to reassign than the 1 for 1 process I see where I could update person A to person B but only for tasks with a certain Org, ect.





    • Tom LeFebvre

      I assume you are referring to the current reassignment function - 

      Are you looking for additional filtering criteria? 

      Have you looked into using Teams?  This might allow for easier administration where you can simply revise the team members when users move between groups.



      • Nathaniel Holycross

        Thanks Tom. 

        Yes, I was referring to the current reassignment function. It would be great to have even more filtering criteria like Organization on that screen. 


        For example, we have a user that is leaving and I need to reassign 50 tasks as assignee in various orgs. Org A goes to 1 user, Org B goes to another, and Org C goes to another. I dont see a way to use the reassignment function to accomplish this. 

        We use team for many tasks and are continuing to build these out but the the 50 tasks need to be assigned to a business unit leader, instead of a group.

    • Nathaniel Holycross

      Also a defined user can created a reassignment request when they have the task open. They have the option to update current and future tasks (schedule and template) with a single request. Is there a way as an admin I can create the same request. Ideally it would be great to be able to search through all tasks, open a task and create a reassignment request and update the schedule and template with a single request. I dont see any way I am able to do this as an admin since I am not a named user in the workflow.