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    Sachin Mistry
    Latest R13 Upgrade date
    Topic posted August 8, 2018 by Sachin MistryGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Assets, Cash Management, Collections, Expenses, Financials, General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Reports, Revenue Management, Update 
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    Latest R13 Upgrade date
    Latest R13 Upgrade date

    We were informed by Oracle that we will have to do forced upgrade by end of August 2018. Curious if there are any customers who have R13 upgrade dates in Nov 2018.



    • Wendy Ware

      Earlier this year when we were doing our initial upgrade planning we were told Production upgrade had to be complete by end of September.  In a prior year we attempted to delay an upgrade due to unresolved system problem with the close process and we were refused.  I have seen other people comment in this forum about R13 upgrade later this year.  Hopefully they will comment here to share how they were able to arrange this.  Wendy

    • Bill Taylor

      Sachin, this does sound reasonable given that they want to then move everyone to 18B at the end of September so all "updates" are done a once. This could vary given industry as well. I would log in to My Oracle Services for your POD and see if later dates are open in later months to move to. My guess is those are the first to fill up and Oracle won't make any exception as Wwendy's notes above.

    • Lori Culp

      We originally had an August date, but were able to push it to October due to our 10k filing in July.


    • Sachin Mistry

      Appreciate your response. So it seems October dates are available. I am hoping there are customers who have Nov 2018 as upgrade date.

    • Pritish Ramlugun


      Log in MyServices oracle portal and try to see the dates which are available in the month that you are asking. If they are not available, please LOG  a service request ASAP with oracle. Explain them your current situation.


    • Alan Rowland

      We have an end of September date; we wanted to get our first quarterly close in after our go-live earlier in the year.