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    Lavish Kumar
    How to hide styling when chat is NOT available?
    Topic posted June 2, 2015 by Lavish KumarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    How to hide styling when chat is NOT available?

    So, I have added styling to chat conditional link and configured it to show only when someone is "online".

    Issue: when nobody is online, the styling is still showing up even when everything is in conditional widget, why?

    Any way to hide the styling when no one is online?

    Please see the code attached

    Feb 2014 - CP3
    Code Snippet:


    • Lavish Kumar

      Gotcha! Thanks again Anurag. Once again you saved the day! :)

    • Anurag Mittal

      Lavish, just an advice, please go through the Documentation, articles, existing posts and standard code properly that will give you more clarity and understanding on how things work in OSC. Also, we are here to help you if you get stuck but you'll also have to try from your side first.


    • Lavish Kumar

      Yes, Anurag, I completely agree with that. I have been active on the forum so much because I have been trying more things myself that also means more questions :)

      I am happy to be part of the community where everyone is very helpful :)