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    Belmond Facheu
    Data Management : load file limit
    Topic posted October 30, 2019 by Belmond FacheuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Data Integration 
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    Data Management : load file limit
    Is there a limit in term of number of line in the file imported to DM - Data Load Workbench ?

    Hi EPM Cloud users,

    We are currently working to change our Data Management load feed to have more granularity than what is currently push.

    Is there any limit in terms of number of line that we have to consider. In other words, data loaded in "Data Load workbench" of DM should be less than a certain number of lines ?

    An SR has been opened with Oracle. While waiting their answer, I take a chance with the forum.

    Thank you



    • Wayne Paffhausen

      Hello Belmond,

      There is theoretically no limit.  Is there an issue/error you are encountering?

      I believe the WebInterface does complain about uploading of files that are 2GB+ … but that can be worked around by uploading the files via EPMAutomate.

      Thank you,