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    Mohana Gopal Selvam
    Page Load Validation
    Topic posted June 4, 2019 by Mohana Gopal SelvamBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Custom Code 
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    Page Load Validation


    Can we do any validation when the particular page is loaded? 

    I hope we can get the URL parameter value. How to do this?

    Use Case:

    When the particular customer clicks on the particular service in the page, it will navigate to the particular page. I have to validate whether they have certain balance in their valet, if not I have to show the some message in the screen instead of Service details.





    • Duncan Mills

      In the context of the vbEnter event  you can read variables which are are marked as input parameter and pass on URL - these will be automatically set up for you - e.g there is no need for you to parse the URL yourself, just check the variables, 

      Note that the vbBeforeEnter event is too early to read such variables