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    Mohammad Sufiyan
    API (REST/SOAP) to get Tasks and Tasks List...
    Topic posted May 10, 2019 by Mohammad Sufiyan, tagged REST, SOAP 
    API (REST/SOAP) to get Tasks and Tasks List Definations
    What is the REST/SOAP API we can use to get the Setup Tasks and Tasks List information like taskcode, business objects etc.


    We are building an automation tool to export the Setup Data from Oracle Cloud (SAAS). We are using the https://<INSTANCE_DOMAIN>/fscmService/SetupDataExportImportService?WSDL webservice to do task data export and import. For now, I am getting the TASK code details manually by navigating to the "Manage Task Lists and Tasks" page.

    Here is the navigation I am following.

    Setup and Maintenance -> Manage Setup Content -> Click on "Manage Task Lists and Tasks" -> Enter the Task name Eg: "Manage Business Unit" and search.
    It shows the task details with Task Code. I need all the list of Tasks and their business objects information. Is there any other way to get this information?