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    Matthew Clarke
    Turn off chat for all interfaces
    Topic posted June 10, 2019 by Matthew Clarke 
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    Turn off chat for all interfaces
    Enable chat to be closed in all interfaces

    Has anyone  set up/configured a master "off" switch for chat, 

    Example scenario, fire alarm is activated and the building has to be evacuated.  Admin would have the ability to action that all ongoing chats are disconnected with a standard message given to the end user. 

    Anyone currently waiting in the chat queue is given a message to say chat is closed for xx reason and chat sign up is disabled with a message displayed that chat is currently unavailable? 



    • Luuk

      Good question!

      Is there a process in place for phone lines?

      This only seems a problem for chat conversations that are running. New chats are not taken by agents because they are outside.