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    Greg White
    Vacation Delegation Exceptions
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Greg WhiteRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables, Setup / Administration 
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    Vacation Delegation Exceptions
    Attempting to exclude Invoice Approvals and Requisition approvals from a Delegation

    Executives often want to delegate certain tasks like PTO approvals, expense report processing, etc. to an admin or someone with less spend authority in their organization.  We would like to create a vacation delegation rule that would exclude ReqApproval and FinApInvoiceApproval.  The rules do allow multiple lines and the concept "isn't" equal to if choosing certain custom or advanced settings.  However it appears that delegation by Task Name only allows one selection and does not include the rules other than "is".  Anyone have similar requirements and/or solutions.




    • Leaman Crews

      Hi Greg,

      Perhaps I don't understand correctly, but wouldn't choosing "Take No Action" on the task achieve what you're looking to do?



      • Greg White

        We are just trying to figure out how to include an overall delegation/reassignment but exclude certain items.  Are you saying if we add a few user rules that are specific, they will override the general vacation rule?


        • Leaman Crews

          I haven't had cause to use this before but from what I understand, yes, a user's rule will override the global rule.

          • Greg White

            Tested in what appeared to be the most straightforward approach and it did not work properly.  Found out one issue is that the Task Definition Name is actually blank.  Should have used Task Type.  However that did not work.


    • Anne Nunn

      We are currently testing similar delegation scenarios :  creating a user rule to delegate specific approvals and then applying a vacation rule to cover everything else.   It worked okay when we created user rules without a vacation rule/vacation period enabled. After enabling vacation period, we've had inconsistent results in our test environment (19B) including PR showing approved but never reaching the buyers workbench.  I appreciate additional information anyone has.   



    • Lisa

      Hi Greg


      I am also looking for a similar solution.  My executive only wants to approve 'strategic' items and therefore general line manager notifications need to go to the PA.  Could you let the group know if you get a solution.