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    Beth Bleijie
    Supplier Interface - "Generate CSV File" button...
    Topic posted May 1, 2018 by Beth BleijieBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, General Ledger, Payables, Setup / Administration 
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    Supplier Interface - "Generate CSV File" button missing
    The "Generate CSV File" button is missing from our Supplier Templates

    We went live on Oracle Cloud about 6 months ago.  We used Accenture for our implementation, and they loaded our Supplier Templates for us after we populated them with data.

    Now we have a large batch of new suppliers to add (over 100... this happens more or less quarterly), and wouldn't it be great to use the Supplier Templates to do that!?

    But then I find that the copies of the Supplier Templates we have do not have a "Generate CSV File" button, so I do not know how to proceed.  I have instructions to load them, but can't proceed without that button.

    I think I need one or more of the following:

    1. New Supplier Templates (Supplier, Address, and Site templates) with the "Generate CSV File" button

    2. Instructions to copy/paste or add the "Generate CSV File" button to my existing Supplier Templates

    3. Another option?





    • Beth Bleijie

      Thanks to Fareed at Accenture who spotted my post I have been given a solution.

      For future reference the templates can be found here:


    • Jon Hayes

      Hi Beth,

      All of the templates can be downloaded from the Oracle Cloud Documents library:

      The Supplier ones are all held under the Procurement pages ( - From there; select which version of Cloud ERP/Fusion you are using from the dropdown box, then click 'Books' on the left hand side. When that page loads, there will be a list of stuff to look at (manuals, templates etc), but there will be one called 'File Based Data Import' - Click to open that, and you'll find all of the templates for supplier imports.

      It's worth keeping that first URL, as you can get all manuals, templates, guides etc. for all cloud modules.

      If you still have a problem with the button vanishing; its possibly a macro security issue, or it is not saved in a Trusted Location as per your Excel options.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


    • Beth Bleijie

      Thanks Jon,

      I'll add that link to my resource ***.

      I've got my button back now, fingers crossed it all loads successfully.

      Thanks again,