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    Thomas Paul
    AP Invoice Approval for Sources
    Topic posted April 10, 2018 by Thomas PaulBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    AP Invoice Approval for Sources
    Need to exclude approval for certain sources


    We have enabled AP Invoice Approval required in the Payables Option. However, there is a need to exclude certain sources from Approval(like Intercompany, Electronic Invoice etc). One way of handling this is in the workflow for each source but even in that case the Initiate Approval step has to be taken for the invoices to be approved. Is there any other way of doing this wherein these invoice sources can be set to Approval Not required?




    • Gopinath Kartheesan

      Thomas, When you enable Approval under Payables Options, every invoice in the system needs approval.  If you set the "Auto Approval" rule by certain conditions in BPM workflow, then when you initiate for approval, it will automatically gets Approved.  You can define the rule by certain sources and have them "Auto Approved".  You can also run the "Initiate Approval Workflow" ESS job so that it will automatically push those invoices to "Auto Approved" as well

      Hope this helps

    • Thomas Paul

      Thanks Gopinath. Is there any way, this step can be bypassed "when you initiate for approval, it will automatically gets Approved.". Without the Approval initiation part.

    • Gopinath Kartheesan

      No Thomas, When the invoice is created, it will state "Approval Required".  When you initiate for approval manually or using ESS Job, it will change the status to "Workflow Approved".  if you are bringing invoices using an interface from different source, once you bring it, we normally schedule the ess job for Validate Invoice and Initiate Approval workflow process and these invoices will automatically gets approved without even touched by anyone if there are no issues / holds

    • Becky Alvarez

      And if you do want to configure a condition in BPM you would just set a condition for the source, it is found under Invoice Header > Source in the Condition Browser.

      • Ben Frazee

        Hey Becky,

        I know where to lookup the invoice source at the line level, but I am having trouble finding the value for Invoice Header > Source. Any tips on where to find this in the UI to validate the planned AP Invoice Approval rules (i.e. auto approve B2B XML Invoices and use line requester for all other invoices).



    • Becky Alvarez

      Look on page 16 of the attached document and see if this is of any help.