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    Kim Dante
    Where can I set the default font on answer detail page...
    Topic posted November 15, 2016 by Kim DanteGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited November 15, 2016 
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    Where can I set the default font on answer detail page answer text?

    We need to set default font of answers on customer portal to Verdana 12.  In the console the default font when creating an answer is Verdana 12, but that is not what is displayed on the portal.  Strangely we need to edit each answer, highlight the text change it to something other than Verdana 12, save it, and then highlight it a second time and change it back to Verdana 12.  This is the only way to get the proper font tag.  Is there a better way to set this font in the css file so we don't have to edit each FAQ 2 times individually?


    • Kim Dante

      No we still dont' have it working yet.

    • Willie Eide

      As mentioned above, the "body" of the answer is manipulated by the body class in site.css (around line #53). However if you alter this line -- you are altering all the font choices on your site. If you want to do this, great. Go no further. Otherwise read on...

      You could alter specific answer title, question and answer text. What I did in my test is alter the rn_RecordText class. I did this around line #2574 with the following code:

        .rn_RecordText {
          font-family: monospace; }

      Now granted what that did was simply change my fonts to monospace -- you'd want to change that to whatever you desire. If your text also includes h1, h2, h3 .... types then those might not be altered but overwritten.

      That is one way... altering the css file so that you don't have to alter each and every answer. 

    • Barrilito van Dijk

      Hi Willie,

      Thank you for your additions and joining this post. However, your thoughts are more or less the same as the ideas by all the others among myself, which is nothing more then to change the css at whatever place.I don't think there is much more to explain then to figure out which css has to be changed, and that is something for a developer to do. I think that is one of the basic skills we should have if we work with service cloud.


    • Rajan Davis

      Try this

      p.MsoHeader, p.MsoHeader * {
      font-size: 12pt !important;
      font-family: Verdana !important;

      It's a modified version of Barrilito's answer but with CSS specificity in mind.

      NOTE: This is a quick and easy fix; however, ALL of your answer content that falls in this specification will be styled this way. This might work TODAY, but down the line you will have problems as the !important declarations override everything.

      In my experience, inlined CSS and !important declarations break so many things, it will be a headache for someone down the line. There's nothing worse than having to clean a previous developer's mess and it literally creates a cascading problem over time (no pun intended).

      I would still recommend that you use the solution that I gave earlier; this will remove the inlined styles and then you can make as many style declarations as needed without creating issues in the future. I am trying to put together a quick video to show others how to remove inlined styling from the Answer HTML markup.

    • Danette Beal

      Hi Kim!

      Sounds you have a some of the greatest community minds helping you resolve this one! Would love to hear your feedback and the different approaches you have taken and whether it resolved your styling dilemma. Not being a developer but having dealt with this issue personally, I know it can be a headache to say the least.

      Thanks All!

      Danette, Community Manager

    • Barrilito van Dijk

      Hi Kim,

      Any updates on this?