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    January Fredericks
    Launch chat from RNT or your own page?
    Topic posted December 18, 2007 by January FredericksSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited December 18, 2007 
    Launch chat from RNT or your own page?

    Bfranz wrote:
    so far I would say, it was successfull. Just some standard login issues which can be resolved by the reinstallation procedure from RNW Overall it went a lot better than 8.2 and a lot of the live issues were resolved and til now I found only one new issue, even though this was a big one and impacted our service for several hours significantly.
    If you have customized reports within relationship items of your workspace, like in the "Incident view" relationship item or the "contact" relationship item be careful. Even though these embedded reports were only minorly changed by us (adding and removing some output columns) and they worked fine for half a year, 8.3 had major issues with them, rendering the workspaces and their functions (like contact creation) for most agents useless.
    RNW is still looking into it. I cannot say if its a "special" situation only affecting us or might come up for some other customers too, but at least I wanted to share this information with you guys.

    Summary: If you were sceptical about 8.2 or had a lot of issues with 8.2, go for 8.3. Seems to be more in line with the high quality standards we are used by older RNW versions than 8.2.


    Do you use chat? If so, do you launch from RNT or your own page. And, do you use PTA or ask users to log in at all?