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    Osama gamal
    FCCS Periodic ViewAnswered
    Topic posted November 11, 2019 by Osama gamal, last edited November 11, 2019, tagged Consolidation, Data Integration, Dimensions, Income Statement 
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    FCCS Periodic View

    I have issue in FCCS Application, i have two integration rules in Data Management
    1) Data integration from PBCS to FCCS
    2) Data integration between EBS file to FCCS,

    When i run any rule there are no issues in import and export data also i reviewed the monthly values and all values is correct in workbench screen.

    In data management i tried to map with Global period mapping and application and source period mapping (same values in all cases), so i think there is no problem with Data management.
    But after FCCS receive this data and Runing Consolidation rule, i found incorrect amounts for income statement accounts in all views except first period Jan (same values before run consolidation) . I loaded this data in FCCS_Periodic and FCCS_ Change in net income.
    So for short we can say the data loaded to FCCS is YTD not Periodic even though i mapped in periodic view member not YTD input and the Source data file has Periodic data amounts.
    So any one face this issue before or any one can advice.
    Is there any missing configuration or any thing i did it wrong?

    Also What are the steps that data needs to be translated to PTD in Data management in FCCS?

    There are two attached files with screenshots.

    Thanks in advance


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    Ezra Fishman

    Hi Osama,

    In FCCS, Data Management will by default attempt to load data YTD. To fix this, in the Import Format, add the expression "Periodic" to the View dimension. See the attached image.

    More information can be found in Document 2230665.1 on the Oracle Support website: