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    Ahmed Hashem
    approval on internal supplier profile changes
    Topic posted June 19, 2019 by Ahmed Hashem, tagged Approvals/Notifications, Customization, Fusion, How-To, Security, Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration 
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    approval on internal supplier profile changes
    I have an idea to prevent supplier internal changes with no need for approval .

    Hello ,

    i have a business requirement from one of the customers ,

    He have two people with supplier manager role .

    Buyer A and Buyer B .

    Buyer A has to go to supplier Profile to promote him to spend authorized from prospective status . but we need to prevent this user from editing Supplier Profile .

    Buyer B have the authority to amend the supplier profile , no problem .

    Now based on these cases i have a requirement to restrict Buyer A Not to amend Just Promote , and based on latest updates , we can not create a custom role that seperated the supplier maitain priviliges and the promote supplier button .

    so i am suggesting a new work around :

    1- as there is a UI Personalizations based on the Role

    2- we will create custom role to be copied from the supplier manager .

    3 we will custom the UI to make some fields disabled or not showing for this custom role .

    i think by this way we have a work around for this  ER 21984076 .

    Now i need a document or steps guides me how to personalize the UI ti be per role level not Site Level



    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Ahmed,

      As of now, job role based customization is not supported for Suppliers related UIs. If you have use case that requires this functionality, please post that as an Idea for us to review.


      • Ahmed Hashem

        Hello , Thanks for the Reply ,

        i had tried this idea and worked , i followed the notes :

        How To Remove Compensation Tab From Manager Resources For Specific Job Roles (Doc ID 2026645.1)

        How to conditionally display the content from any page or dashboard based on user or job name? (Doc ID 2219192.1)

        I created new custom role , and followed the notes , now a user can see and edit the data , and another user can not , if you wish we can go thru a webex or zoom session to show you steps in details ...


        • Piyush Singh

          Hi Ahmed,

          This does work for some of the pages (like the one you tried), but is not supported for Suppliers UIs.



          • Ahmed Hashem

            You mean the suppliers UI , like supplier Portal UIs, not manage supplier UI used By supplier manager .

            is this what you mean ?

            • Piyush Singh

              My bad, I did mean internal supplier pages that you access from Suppliers Workarea (Manage Suppliers, Register Supplier, Edit Supplier, Import Supplier etc.).

              FYI, Supplier Portal too does not support this functionality.