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    Doug Smidebush
    Change default icon
    Topic posted July 27, 2015 by Doug SmidebushBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Configuration, Customer Data Mgmt, PaaS/SaaS, UX 
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    Change default icon
    What are the available icon images in Sales Cloud?

    I created a new custom child object to account.  (I picked an icon when creating the object.)

    After adding the object as a new tab on the Account page in the SUI, the default icon was different from what I selected for the child object.  In Page Composer, I found where I can change the icon, but I have no idea what images exist. (see screenshot)  Is there a master list of icons?  I'd like to pick an image that makes sense for the tab.


    Doug S.




    • Mary Johnson

      Hi Doug

      Just found this when searching CC for something similar - did you ever get a resolution?

      Many thanks


    • Doug Smidebush

      Nope, no resolution.

    • Ying Wang

      Doug, have you logged a bug? I can't reproduce this scenario in our product (i used R11). I selected an icon for the child object, when i create a sub tab for that object, the same icon (but it is a different color theme for sub tab) is automatically picked in app composer for me, and later i verified that is the icon i see at runtime. Did I misunderstand what you did?