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    Soumya Parhi
    OTBI: Project Cost - Inception to Date
    Topic posted March 26, 2018 by Soumya ParhiGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Fusion Project reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    OTBI: Project Cost - Inception to Date
    Project ITD

    Good People,

    How to get project inception to date cost ?





    • Dustin Grabowski



       Please describe exactly what you mean to ITD.  Are you looking to see costs from inception through a specific date or period?  Or are you just looking for total project cost from inception?   The cost measures in the Project Costing - Actual Costs Real Time subject area will return the latter, given that a time dimension is not included.


      You can see some examples in the Report Sharing Center.

      Or in other example reports posted in this forum, e.g.

    • Soumya Parhi

      Hi Dustin,

      Greetings, thanks for the kind response. I am looking for Inception to Period when I say (ITD) . I am using Project Costing - Actual Costs Real Time subject area but failing to get the cost if the period is not the latest one .



    • Xavier Cuinier


      I spent (as a newbie in OTBI) a couple of days to answer the same question than yours regarding ITD, but YTD and even PTD as well. It's was pretty hard because a lot of things are possible in OTBI, the problem is that you have to find answers in multiple places (documentation, internet, MOS, etc) before you are able to solve this question.

      I am pretty sure the document attached will help you going forward