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    Licensing question - how are Tier 1 sessions recorded?
    Topic posted September 5, 2018 by JJ Bronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
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    Licensing question - how are Tier 1 sessions recorded?


    We've had Oracle reps. in who are questioning what they see on the compliance dashboard vs what the reports in CX say as well as google analytics

    So for August, the compliance dashboard says 1500 sessions used.

    However Google Analytics and the reports within RightNow give values 40 times that amount. Even on unique users, Google gives 1500 or so a *day*, not a month

    So - how is a user session actually triggered/logged?



    • Willie Eide

      All of this information is included in your contract. That being said, allow me to expand on the topic of Billable Sessions.

      Sessions are measures in 15 minute increments. When a user enters the customer portal page or leverages an API, a session is started. If the session lasts for 1 to 15 minutes then it is counted as 1 billable session. If the session went for 16 minutes (or more) then it is counted as 2 billable sessions, etc.. 

      Sessions are not to be confused with visits as a visit can be the total time a user spends on a site. 

      There are various tables in the database that tracks "some sort of" session information but not all. One such table is the clicktrack table. Other tables may simply capture the information that pertain to that piece of functionality such as chat events. For Billable Sessions, the information is tracked in a separate repository that we call Action Capture Service (ACS). The ACS data is what is reported in the CSI Dashboard. 

      There are a lot of questions about Google Analytics and why the two don't match. One thing to realize is that Google Analytics is not 100% accurate. What causes that inaccuracy? Here are some examples.

      • Every page needs to be properly tagged. Poor tagging results in inaccurate results
      • Poor location of GA tracking code or multiple tracking codes on one page
      • Any javascript errors (if any errors exist, GA does not execute and record)
      • Some browsers have JS disabled
      • Any issues with cookies (not accept, mobile, timeouts)
      • Google’s default sessions are 30 minutes, Oracle (Customer Portal) sessions are 15 minutes. However one can alter the GA session to be less which does not result in a 1-1 relationship between GA and Oracle
      • Google is not real time. Often data is batched and ran up to 24 hours later
      • Google often samples data – especially if there is a large amount of data/visitors

      So what if there is suspected abnormal activity? First a discussion needs to be started with customer care to ensure there are no problems with integrations or any new customizations. As for spider bot activity, we are constantly altering our code to detect bots and ensure those sessions are not recorded. 

      We encourage all users to monitor their CSI Dashboard and monitor the usage of sessions on their site. 

      -Willie Eide

    • JJ


      No bots as it's purely internal. Everything with GA is fine and even then, it wouldn't account for the huge difference.

      We have more individual incidents being created via the site than the licensing dashboard is saying we get in Tier 1 sessions.

      We get around 500 unique (from different contacts) incidents being created via the portal. To me, that *should* equate to 500 Tier 1 sessions a day at least.... but as mentioned, the dashboard says 1500 a month