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    Tiina Pajulampi
    Why are we seeing this OSC Outlook Plug-in synchronization...
    Topic posted October 30, 2018 by Tiina PajulampiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Outlook and Notes 
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    Why are we seeing this OSC Outlook Plug-in synchronization error?
    Generally occurring synchronization issue - what's the reason?


    We have recently enabled Oracle SalesCloud plug-in for Outlook and multiple users who keep getting this issue when syncing Outlook with Oracle Sales Cloud.  This seems to be happening only on Contacts

    "Operation: Back update

    Message: Unable to synchronize the record correctly because it was updated during the synchronization process.  Run synchronization again to retrieve the most recent record changes"

    Rerunning synchronization does not resolve anything.  Note; this is not a conflict, so the ResolveConflicts option is not enabled.  At first we though maybe it's because the user is not an owner of the record  (is this an issue, haven't been able to find the rules?) , but it also happens for records where they are the owner.   

    If this was a case where the record is being updated at the same time of the sync, it just seems a little weird that the same records would consistently be updated by other users.  Has anyone seen this before and know the cause?

    I'm trying to understand the cause and the rules a bit better, so any help is appreciated!  

    Thank you,



    Oracle SalesCloud R13, 18B



    • Fernando Paes

      Hello, the only reason I can think of (unless it is a bug with the plug-in) is if you have a script in Contacts that is also updating that contact. If you have such script, do the following test: inactivate the script, retest the synchro and confirm if the error is still happening.

      Kind Regards.