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    Pooja I
    Read in segments issue
    Topic posted August 14, 2019 by Pooja IBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Integration, Mapping 
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    Read in segments issue
    Read In Segments

    Below is the scenario.

    1. getting the input xml file
    2. performing read in Segments.
    3. within read in segments, i am converting the xml to csv. and then writing the file to ftp.

    The issue here is, i am not able to write the label of each element.

    so what i am doing is,
    within read in segments, i am mapping the xml to csv.
    and outside the read in segments, i am doing a stage read of the data read in segments, then stage write ( created an xsd having label elements)
    with the labels . 
    after this , i am writing to sftp.

    But the output file looks clumsy and disordered.

    Can you help me know the issue with the approach i am doing?