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    How to create and launch an initiative with internal...
    Topic posted May 31, 2018 by Sammy KhanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged How-To, Initiative, Qualification Question, Tip 
    How to create and launch an initiative with internal responders?
    This post illustrates how to launch an initiative with internal responders.

    To qualify suppliers organizations create a send questionnaire to suppliers, based on suppliers responses to the questionnaire organizations qualify these suppliers. Similarly organizations can also receive feedback on the suppliers from internal departments to qualify them. To perform this, we can use the initiative to send questionnaires to suppliers & internal responders and seek their responses.


    • A question has to be setup with internal responder type.


    • Internal responder type question should be added to the qualification area for which an initiative is being launched.


    • A valid user within the organization should be available to respond to the questionnaire.



    • Create a new initiative and add the necessary qualification areas. These qualification areas should contain the internal responder type questions.
    • Add the targeted suppliers and internal responders in the Suppliers section of the initiative, Here you can add more than one supplier, and for each supplier you can assign one internal responder to respond to the internal questions.


    • In the Configuration train stop, ensure that the Internal Responder check box is checked. If unchecked, no questionnaire will be sent to the internal responder.


    • In the Questionnaires train stop, you can view the questions for supplier and internal responder by selecting the Show Questionnaire radio button. Selecting Supplier will display supplier questions in the questionnaire while selecting Internal will display internal responder questions.


    • In the Questionnaires train stop, you can further update the questionnaire by:
      • Adding new sections for the questions.
      • Deleting questions from the questionnaire.
      • Changing the order (move up / down) of the questions.
      • Adding a due date for responding to the questionnaire.
      • Adding an introduction note to users responding to the questionnaire.
    • By clicking the Preview button, you can review the questionnaire with changes performed.
    • You can save the initiative by clicking on the Save button, if you need to do some more research and gather more information.
    • You can validate the initiative by clicking on the Validate button, to ensure that the initiative is configured with correct details so that the initiative does not result in an error.
    • After all the validations and checks, you can launch the initiative and send questionnaires to suppliers and internal responders to gather question responses and then qualify suppliers for business.



    For more details, you can refer to the Supplier Qualification Management Release Training - Create Initiative