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    Karthick R
    HCM ATOM Feed - Emp New Hire/Update Include Business Object...
    Topic posted October 9, 2019 by Karthick RRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Adapters, API, Cloud, Events, Integration, Orchestration, PaaS, REST, SOAP, Web Services, xml 
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    HCM ATOM Feed - Emp New Hire/Update Include Business Object checkbox disabled
    HCM ATOM Feed - Emp New Hire/Update Include Business Object checkbox disabled

    Hi Everyone,

    The Include Business Object in HCM Atom Feed is disabled for Employee New Hire/Update etc. PFA

    But the checkbox is enabled for Grade and Job Atom Feed.

    Any suggestions?






    • Prakash Devta


      This is happening as the interface catalog response from HCM cloud is not valid.

      Do you really want to include business object in atom feed response?

      If business object is not needed then you can go ahead and use HCM adapter and process the changes available in the atom feed. The error message
      shown is specifically related to inclusion of business object.

      If business object is really required then we have issue in interface catalog which is shown in screen shot.  item section of LearnerLearningRecords does
      not have actions section where as other resources have correct schema and actions section is available under item.

      This issue will be fixed only when HCM cloud exposes correct interface catalog json.

      • Karthick R

        Hi Prakash,

        Can you please explain the usage/benefits of Business object checkbox in a simple usecase?

        My requirement is whenever there is an employee update, I have capture that update and send the updated employee information to a 3rd party application SOAP service. I have to map the columns in the 3rd party application ws with employee update information.

        Example: I have email and mobile number updated for an employee at 2.30 PM IST today. I will receive an employee update feed in my scheduled integration. Now I need to pass this updated email and mobile number to a 3rd party application ws. 

        Now, please tell me do you think I need Business object?

        I couldn't infer much from Oracle documentation w.r.t my use-case.

        Select this checkbox to send an HTTP request for each entry in the feed to the ATOM server to fetch the business object snapshot.

        • If not selected, changed and context attributes are used during design time and runtime, the operation name in the mapper does not have the suffix WithBO, and the business object is not shown under the operation name element.

        • If selected, context attributes, changed attributes, and business object snapshots are used.



    • Prakash Devta

      Hi Karthick,

      As per your requirement, you don't need to include Business object, as you are just interested in the changes (updated email and updated mobile number) from the feed.

      Generally, most of the needed attributes of the resource (say employee) are available in the "Context" and "ChangedAttributes" section of the update in the feed and this is the fastest way of processing the changes/updates.

      There are cases where you may want to work with other attributes of the resource for example: WorkFaxNumber, DateOfBirth of an employee, in this case, if you include the business object in the feed response, then you will be able to use these additional attributes in the flow.