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    Steven Getze, CMA
    Metadata Validation Errors
    Topic posted October 29, 2018 by Steven Getze, CMARed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Consolidation, Dashboards, Data Integration, Dimensions, Eliminations, Income Statement, Intercompany, Locking, Supplemental Data, Task Manager, Tip, Translations 
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    Metadata Validation Errors

    I have an open SR for the metadata validation errors that exist in our FCCS production application, but Oracle is not providing assistance.   My most recent communication is "The only course of action is the use of the editor, development will not provide scripting and considers this a user maintenance issue, this has been confirmed by management."

    I continue to run into significant obstacles when trying to work to resolve these errors.  For example, an existing error in our Account dimension cannot be "fixed" because the account was used in a March 2018 journal, even though I unlocked all previously locked periods and unposted all previously posted journals. 

    A few weeks ago, I exported my Account dimension into a file and made all necessary corrections, but FCCS will not allow me to re-import it back into my production app.

    Has anyone been successful in the quest to clear your errors?   Any guidance from the User community will be greatly appreciated.





    • Raghuveer Surisetty

      Isn't this the same SR 3-18417853581 mentioned in another post? From the SR update, I assume that these are real errors and you are looking for assistance from support to resolve these errors. Right?



    • Raghuveer Surisetty

      This is the other post I am referring to.

    • Steven Getze, CMA

      The post you refer to immediately above was actually my reply to someone else's post on metadata validation errors in a multi-gaap environment.   Forgive me if I am misunderstanding, but are you telling me that the referenced post provided answers to my current issue, because it does not. 

      I don't dispute that our errors require correction.  I understand what corrections are necessary but neither editor will allow me to make them successfully.   Additionally, my attempt to reimport a corrected metadata file failed, as well.