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    Wouter Sligter
    using emojis in webchat
    Topic posted March 27, 2019 by Wouter SligterGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Bots, Messaging 
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    using emojis in webchat

    I've tried adding smiley emojis in OBotML but that doesn't work. But in the docs it says that the Web SDK supports it. How should we encode it?



    • Grant Ronald

      What do you mean "doesn't work" - you mean it doesn't appear?  Or the Bot doesn't understand it?

      • Wouter Sligter

        For example:

          component: 'System.Output"
            text: "Hi smiley!"
            keepTurn: true
            next: "hiBack"

         If I enter this into OBotML console, it throws an error. I'm using Win + . dialog window to insert the emoji.

      • Wouter Sligter

        Grant what's the dev team stance on emojis, are you guys looking into this? Emojis are strong tools in marketing funnels as users are more likely to click buttons that have emojis in it. Would be good if we could use them in ODA.