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    Customizable Menu Translation in Language Specific Interface
    Topic posted June 26, 2018 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Customizable Menu Translation in Language Specific Interface

    We are rolling out OSVC globally and have to translate various areas of the system for our language specific interfaces.  We have a few menu fields on a custom object and need to translate those menu values but don't see where this is done similar to the custom fields menu translation.  Is it not possible to translate these menu values?  It seems odd that this isn't possible.




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Translations for the various interfaces is normally done in the message base. When it comes to custom objects this is done in the Object designer (were you create custom objects)

    • Todd

      Thanks for the input Sebastiaan.  I'm referring to the menu or list of values that we need to translate for the customizable menu that is created in Object Designer. 



    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Normally when you have aditional interfaces in your site, there will be additional fields, one per interface where you can write your lable text.

      Labels are language specific, so you can use different labels for interfaces with different languages. When an object is initially named, the object’s label is automatically populated with the object’s name. If the object’s name is later edited, the label is not automatically updated

      See attachment with only one interface (I don't have multiple interfaces) and Create an object
      See also: Add a field to a custom object


      Select this check box to add the Labels field to the object’s table. This field should be added if individual records in the custom object require their own visible labels. (For example, each incident status on your site has a distinct label and each status is a unique record in the incident statuses table.)

      A separate Label field is created for each language used on your Oracle Service Cloud site. This allows you to enter a different label for each language.

    • Anastasia Gkotsi

      Hi Todd,

      We have the same problem and i was wondering if you have succeeded to solve it. 

      Any help would be really appreciated!

      Thank you

    • Jess Campbell

      Sebastiaan is correct about the interface labels. However, I do have multiple interfaces and I understand that you are referring to the Menu LOVs available in the customizable menus for your menu only custom objects, which, to my knowledge, are not able to be translated natively.

      Since we have only two languages in our three interfaces, we used both versions in one line where absolutely necessary. I do not suggest this as a good solution for you, but you may want to reach out to Oracle directly for a better option.