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    Ulises Olivera
    Configuring roundtrip scenarios in OTM
    Topic posted January 31, 2019 by Ulises OliveraRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cloud, Operational Planning, Rate Management, Setup, Transportation Management 
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    Configuring roundtrip scenarios in OTM
    Need some help to configure roundtrip model for a customer in AR

    Hello community.

    I was doing some research on this matter in the web but there's no very useful information.

    I need to setup some roundtrip scenarios like this one:

    Order 1 going from A --> B

    Order 2 going loaded again from B --> A

    Cost of return trip should be 90% of the rate for first trip (A-->B).

    I'm not sure whether this is doable via OTM basic configurations rather than creating some agent to verify first pickup location and last destination location being the same.

    I don't want to use ground schedule setup, because roundtrip could be originated from several locations and there's no a defined pattern.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or documentation you could provide.

    Kind regards.


    OTM Cloud version 18D