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    Michael Webb
    PO's received not yet invoiced fully Report- Sample
    Topic posted April 17, 2015 by Michael WebbBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    PO's received not yet invoiced fully Report- Sample
    PO's received not yet invoiced fully Report- Sample XML

    Attached is a sample report definition (XML) for an PO's received not yet invoiced fully Report.

    This report is useful for purchasing and payables departments to identify PO's that have been received but are awaiting an invoice to be matched. Listing is by Procurement BU and Supplier, displaying the Ordered amount, Received amount and Matched amount (if any) by Purchase Order.

    This report was generated on a release 9 environment.

    To use the attached xml, please do the following:
    -Access the OTBI app
    -New -> Procurement - Purchasing Real Time Subject Area
    -Click on Advanced tab
    -Copy the xml into the Advanced tab on an OTBI report
    -Click on Results to see the report.





    • Usman Askofare

      Great Document Michael!

      Thank you!

      Best Regards,


    • Raj Rathor

      Thanks Michael...!!!

      Nice work.

      As you might have known by now, Procurement doesn;t have a single ESS Job ( reports) out of box & no subject areas provides any result.

      I wonder why????

      • Michael Webb

        The 'lack' of reports is not an indication that we didnt think about them, but the realization that every customer wants the same report differently. Hence why I created some simple reports for customers to use as a basis for their reports.

        If I 'shipped them OOTB, I'd then be responsible for maintaining them.


        Subject Areas should be working fine. I just went into a Rel 11 env and created a mock report successfully.

        Are you using a user with the Purchasing Analysis role assigned?