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    Sarah Smart
    AT&T Developers Hackathon
    Announcement posted March 16, 2016 by Sarah SmartSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Architecture, BI, Engagement Cloud, Financials, Fusion, General, Global HR, HCM, OAUX, PPM, Procurement, SCM, UX 
    AT&T Developers Hackathon

    An update from the AppsLab team about their trip to Las Vegas

    Members of the AppsLab, the OAUX emerging technologies team, have posted new content about their trip to Las Vegas for this prestigious hackathon sponsored by AT&T. For more on the conceptual products that got their start there, see these two posts:

    M2M, the Other IoT: Before IoT became THE buzzword, there was M2M (machine to machine). Some industries still refer to IoT as M2M, but overall the term Internet of Things has become the norm. M2M may better describe what IoT is meant to do: Machines talking to other machines.
    SafeDrop – Part 2: Function and Benefits: While many companies have focused on the online security of eCommerce, the current package delivery at the last mile is still very much insecure. ECommerce is ubiquitous, and somehow people need to receive the physical goods. SafeDrop is a secure box for receiving a physical package delivery, without the need of recipient to be present.