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    How to Set up Private Docker Registry ?
    Topic posted November 14, 2017 by MPC8250Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited November 20, 2017 
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    How to Set up Private Docker Registry ?
    How to Set up Private Docker Registry ?

    Hi All

    Are there detailed steps and explanations that show how to setup a private Docker Registry on Oracle Linux host ?

    Thank you.



    • Vikram Kimyani
    • MPC8250

      Hi VikK-Oracle

      Thanks for responding. I'm asking for private registry details, not the regular docker registry.

      Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
      /dev/xvdb1 25G 17M 24G 1% /var/lib/docker
      /dev/xvdb2 213G 13G 200G 7% /test

      /dev/xvdb1: UUID=“bbbbbbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbb-bbbbbb” UUID_SUB=“ccccccc-cccc-ccc-cccc-cccccccccc” TYPE=“btrfs”
      /dev/xvdb2: UUID=“aaaaaaa-aaaa-bbbb-bbbb-aaaaaaaaaaaa” TYPE=“ext4”

      We need detailed steps to

      - disable public registry access

      - increase the docker root disk space from 25GB to 35GB transferring some disk space from /test

      - create a disk space of 120GB of /var/lib/registry transferring some disk space from /test


    • Vikram Kimyani

      Did you follow the steps I posted? Those are steps to setup a private registry, it might be helpful to post your Dockerfile for your other questions so we can see what options you have aleady tried. One method for disabling the public registry would be to add a static host entry like this:

    • Saravanan Jothilingam

      Hi Vikram,

      Where can I get basic documentation on Docker Image creations for beginners?