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    Jon Kelly
    Want to restrict supplier attachment accessAnswered
    Topic posted April 10, 2018 by Jon KellySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Compliance, Configuration, Expenses, Financials, Help Center, Payables, Public Sector, Security, Setup / Administration 
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    Want to restrict supplier attachment access

    How are other entities handling the supplier W9 records in Fusion Cloud? We allow many of our users to see/search supplier records for payables purposes, without access to tax ID. We want to save the supplier paperwork on the supplier record, but are not sure how to lock down the attachment to the small list of users who might need to see the tax information. Is there any security or configuration that can be done to accomplish this? Thanks!!

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    Gopinath Kartheesan

    You might have to create a custom role by excluding "View attachment" privilege from the seeded role.