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    Chethana KM
    Customer Portal Session Count
    Topic posted October 21, 2019 by Chethana KMRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Customer Portal Session Count
    How to determine the Customer Portal session count?


    We want to know how can we determine the usage of our Customer Portal site? We have already purchased 10billion sessions for Customer Portal from Oracle. We want to track how many sessions we have already used so far, and purchase additional sessions if we reach the session limit.

    Is there any standard report in Agent Desktop, that will give us the count of Customer Portal sessions used?
    Or, which table in data dictionary can be used to build the custom report that can fetch us the Customer Portal session count?

    Any suggestions will be very much helpful.






    • Michael Hemsworth

      You should be able to view your session data here:

      • Chethana KM
        Hi Michael,
        Thank you for the update. Is it possible to build this report using Analytics in Agent Desktop? If yes, which table can be used for tracking Customer Portal sessions?
        I tried building a custom report with just one column with expression as follows:
        count(distinct clickstreams.cs_session_id)

        But the count given by the above expression is different from the one given by the below URL:
        Please advise.
    • Michael Hemsworth
      I'm not an expert on this, but my understanding is that the Session_ID value in the database is a completely different measure from the billable sessions that are charged to your contract. Our billable sessions are charged in 15 minute blocks, whereas the Session_ID value in the database can be controlled by a configuration setting, depending on how you want to measure usage locally. I would suggest speaking to your Oracle sales rep for clarification.
    • Chethana KM

      Thanks for the update Michael.

    • Thiyag

      Hi Chethana,

      Is it a separate license needs to be purchased (CP Session) other than the AD Agent licenses?

      Any input will be helpful.