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    Pawan Gupta
    How to get ODA for SaaS if our ERP is in OCI Classic
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by Pawan GuptaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Conversational AI, Virtual Assistant, VPA 
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    How to get ODA for SaaS if our ERP is in OCI Classic
    How to get ODA for SaaS if our ERP is in OCI Classic

    ODA for SaaS is available in OCI though my ERP services are still in in Non OCI (classic) if so how do i get my ODA subscription/instance created?



    • Frank Nimphius

      Good question. Will point this to someone who will know better than me.


    • Martin Jarvis

      Hi Pawan,

      There are two parts to this, first you need a subscription to a SaaS ODA service, either a pillar specific subscription or our ODA Platform for SaaS service depending on the requirements. Secondly you need to be on the latest 19D version of your SaaS applications. You may hear Oracle people referring so something we call "Hybrid SaaS", this is a set of complimentary services pre-provisioned and configured against a customer's SaaS applications. This has been a massive undertaking on our part but it will massively help our SaaS customers adopt conversational experiences on Oracle Digital Assistant.

      What version are you on today and do you know when you are scheduled to take the 19D upgrade?

      Just a FYI, and I know it is Oracle's fault for using terms like OCI Classic and OCI Native without really explaining them, but Oracle Digital Assistant was moved off OCI Classic some time ago and currently runs on OCI. 


    • Pawan Gupta
      Thanks Martin. Iur ERP is already in 19D though when i login i only see OCI classic in my service, it is data center 3, i have not seen any email communication from Oracle about OCI access or migration
    • Martin Jarvis


      If you are on 19D please raise an SR so we can support you properly and we have all the details.


    • Pawan Gupta

      Thanks Martin, i will raise an SR, just under "Financial Commmon Application" or you want me to choose anything specific?

    • Pawan Gupta

      I created SR 3-21549884191