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    Prateek Parasar
    [Resolved]How to AutoProvision User with another User...Answered
    Topic posted November 11, 2019 by Prateek ParasarBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited November 11, 2019, tagged HCM, Procurement, Security 
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    [Resolved]How to AutoProvision User with another User Category
    Supplier email notifications to continue but dont wan to send emails to Employee


    We are in the process of implementing SSO, because of this we do not want to send any notifications or allow password reset on employee emails. But I have no way to switch off User notifications as we also going to have supplier portal where we want to the emails to go as well as allow reset passwords.

    How do I achieve this ?


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    Joshua Vincent

    See: Define User Category for Improved Supplier User Management

    By defining a unique user category, supplier users can now have a user name policy and a new user account notification that are different from employees. This user category is automatically assigned to supplier users when their user accounts are created. This user category gives supplier users the type of user name preferred for external users, and user account notifications with specific information for more effective communication and the next steps the supplier user can do.


    This is what you want, I believe. We have tested in a 19D test environment and are satisfied with the results (a great improvement!) as we were seeking to solve the same issue you have related to SSO employees and supplier user accounts, and new account / reset password notifications eligibility.



    • Joshua Vincent

      19D allows you to default supplier users to a different account category in the security console, and it can have the notifications on, while your SSO-enabled workforce accounts will use the default categories' properties.

      • Prateek Parasar

        Well that would be after the account has been created ? it would be too late as account generation email would have gone. ? Or I am not getting something

      • Madhu Chalamalasetty

        Hi Joshua,

          Quick question on this, we are also trying to implement similar to this and we know 19D delivered the required User Category.  My question is, how do we update the user category on the thousands of supplier accounts to this new "SUPPLIER" user category in security console?  Suppliers created before 19D were assigned to "DEFAULT" category, we need to switch them to "SUPPLIER" Category.  Did Oracle delivered a mass assignment program were we can achieve this rather than manually changing the category for each supplier?



        • Kishore Padala

          Hi Madhu,

          For adding an user to user category in bulk you can use REST APIs.
          Refer to below document for more information :

          Section : Add Users to a User Category

          Section : Replace a user

          Alternatively you can refer below DOC ID : 2346455.1 with sample code for Single User and Bulk User.
          Section : 5. h.   User Category [Single User].
          Section : 11.h. Bulk Update  User Category [For Bulk Update]

          From Security console you cannot update in Bulk. Need to user REST APIs as mentioned above.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Kishore Padala.