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    Rama Pedamallu
    ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) related...
    Topic posted June 22, 2018 by Rama Pedamallu, tagged Cloud 
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    ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) related issue
    ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) related issue

     we implemented ADFS on our Oracle ERP. we have hybrid screen now. Next 2 weeks, we are planning to disable Hybrid screen. In that situation, using URL, users can directly log into Oracle ERP without entering login credentials.

      Incase of any issues with Active Directory, users can't log into Oracle ERP. Is there any backdoor entry/ any other option to get hybrid page (without creating SR with Oracle to enable hybrid page)? 



    • Werner He

      Thanks for posting the question in Data Integration Forum.  If I read your post correctly, this is a question toward Oracle ERP product, which is under SaaS.  ADFS is a Microsoft product, I assume you used for single sign on or authentication to login to ERP.  I would suggest you post this in SaaS forum.  If you click on Anwers, under Applications (SaaS), there are different categories of applications.  You might want to try there.  Or you can try Application Security Forum.  Hope this helps.