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    Narendra Darapureddy
    Azure MDM setup for OFSC Mobile app
    Topic posted August 9, 2019 by Narendra DarapureddyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Mobility / Mobile Apps 
    Azure MDM setup for OFSC Mobile app
    how to show instance name/s as dropdown option/s on OFSC Mobile app(iOS App)

    We are trying to improve the overall deployment to Technicians by using the simplified OFSC Mobile app login suggest by Oracle in the documentation(refer link below).

    Could you please let us know if any one has done this setup or have reference documents to do Azure MDM configuration?


    Simplified Login:
    The field resources use the same instance most of the times to login to the installed application.
    To reduce this effort of using the same series of steps to login to a particular instance every time, you can use the Mobile Device Management (MDM) option.

    How to configure MDM?
    A MDM system must be properly configured before using it to populate your instance details. It should also allow IT service to distribute the installed application to the end user’s devices. For more information, you should refer to MDM documentation.