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    Roop Katamneni
    unable to initiate the ESS job through exportBulkData...
    Topic posted November 18, 2019 by Roop KatamneniGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    unable to initiate the ESS job through exportBulkData operation through ERP Cloud Adapter

    Hi Team, 


    I am trying to initiate the ESS Job which is created in ERP through the ERP Cloud Adapter using the export Bulk Data Operation.

    This will help the required content to zip and place it in UCM. From UCM, we can download and send it to downstream applications. 

    I am following this post :


    There's an error while initiating the from OIC. With the same Parameters, I can invoke the from SOAP- UI tool without any error. 

    latest version of OIC, (190924.1600.31522)



    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      What is the error you see?

      • Roop Katamneni

        From the UI console, I see it as below: 

        Error sending bytes: <exportBulkData ** Payload

        :Application Error

        But , from the Diagnostic logs ( which were downloaded), I see as "Remote Fault": 

         [ESS_Module: Processor] Execution error for request 66468. Reason: ESS-07033 Job logic indicated a system error occurred while executing an asynchronous java job for request 66468. Job error is: faultName: {{}remoteFault}[[
        messageType: {{}RuntimeFaultMessage}
        parts: {{
        ,SUMMARY=<summary>ICS runtime execution error</summary>
        ,DETAIL=<DETAIL><detail><ICSfaultVar/><reason>Error sending bytes: <exportBulkData

        • Hemanth Lakkaraju

          What is the ESS JOB doing? Executing a BIP Report based on SQL Query? Check this.

          Also can you share the SoapUI payload vs payload via in OIC (can be seen in activity stream) ?

          • Roop Katamneni

            Attached 2 files, for "SOAPRequest.xml" and OIC_Payload.xml. 

            Meanwhile, I will check that option on FA.

            • Hemanth Lakkaraju

              Why is callbackURL passed as ? in OIC sample?

              Can you pass #NULL in parameterList, callbackURL and notificationCode from OIC?

              • Roop Katamneni

                callbackURL is passed as ? , because in order for the callback, we need to import the cloud ERP certs to OIC ( which I have not done ), So, as the '?' for callbackURL worked for SOAP-UI, I passed the same from the OIC. 

                Followed below blog to import certs, but prompts error while uploading 


                ** I have passed  #NULL in parameterList, callbackURL ( without configuring the certs) and notificationCode as 10, But Still get the same error in console and in the backend diagnostic logs  as well 

                • Hemanth Lakkaraju

                  You are mixing the things.

                  1. ExportBulkData approach doesn't require callback URL to be sent if you are passing jobOptions as EnableEvent=Y. You just need to have another flow with ERO as trigger with subscribing to ExportBulkDataEvent.

                  2. Just send all other params as #NULL as mentioned from OIC and see. If you still have same issue, raise an SR with Oracle FA team to see why the ESS Job execution failed.

                  • Roop Katamneni


                    Thanks for the clarification. 

                    1) I have set up another Integration with ERP trigger subscribing to ( ERP Integration Outbound Event ) -- I though this itself is a callback.( But , now i am very much cleared about this ) 

                    2) All parameters has been sent as #NULL, okay will raise an SR with FA team . 

                    Last clarification : I am using the ERP Cloud Adpater with inputs ServiceCatalog WSDL and Events WSDl Should Suffice right !!

                    • Roop Katamneni

                      Hi Hemanth, 

                      Thank you for your time and valuable inputs. 

                      I could achieve this integration, only with your suggestions and detailed explanation of steps to be implemented. 

                      Kudos to you bro !! :)