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    Cisco NXOSv unable to boot
    Topic posted May 25, 2018 by Ryan Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Cisco NXOSv unable to boot
    Cisco NXOSv unable to boot

    I've been trying to figure out how to get the Cisco NXOSv booted in a Ravello application. But every time it boots it hangs at "Booting from Hard Disk...". It does not matter which disk controller type I select.

    I have tried this with the following images:




    The Cisco documentation suggest that a SATA connection is required.


    For the Oracle VM VirtualBox hypervisor, the SATA block device must be used due to the image size increase from the 7.0(3)I5(1) branch which impacts the legacy bios IDE controller size limit.

    Has anyone gotten the Cisco NXOSv booted and running in Ravello?



    • Simon Law

      Hi 3637355,

      Have you tried nxosv-final.7.0.3.I5.2.vmdk with IDE as the controller?


    • Simon Law

      Thanks for confirming. Ravello does not support SATA controller.

      I am not familiar with the Cisco NXOSv images, let me check with my team next week and see if there is a workaround to get this to work.


    • Ryan

      yes. I get the same issue.

    • Ryan

      OK thank you! Ill keep playing with getting it going as IDE

      • Niranjan Mohapatra

        Hi Ryan,

        There is one alternative way to build Cisco NXOSv on OCI Ravello Service. Find the steps below for the same.

        1. Create a VM on ESXi using the download vmdk file for Cisco NXOSv

        2. Update the Ravello import tool or use the latest version of Ravello import tool

        3. Import the VM (Cisco NXOSv) directly from ESXi host.

        4. Boot the VM (Cisco VXOSv) on Ravello.

        Let me know if you have any questions.