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    Caio Zioli
    Default and allowed Cost Center Attributes on BPM Workflow
    Topic posted September 11, 2019 by Caio ZioliGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Approvals, Setup 
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    Default and allowed Cost Center Attributes on BPM Workflow

    Each employees have defined on their default cost center , on the default expense account.
    1-) Default Cost Center
    During requisition approval process we need to identify if the requester changed his default cost center in order to apply a different rule for this cases.

    Are there any attribute on requisition workflow or any other way that allow to identify this cases ?

    2-) Allowed Cost Center Range 
    In EBS it was possible to assign to each position the range of accounts that it was allowed to approve.

    Now on ERP Cloud we manage approvals on BPM, i couldn't find an specific attribute to identify it the same setup to assign cost center ranges to a position. Is it still possible to achive it in ERP Cloud ?

    Kind Rgds



    • Ashok

      Hi Caio

      I need to check this internally. I will let you know what I expect other customers may choose to help based on their experiences.

    • Alex Tuteur

      Hi Caio,

      1) Unfortunately I don't believe we have any approval attribute that will allow for this functionality.

      2) This functionality can be achieved in approval rules by using the "between" operator with the Cost Center approval attribute in requisition distributions. For example, you can create a rule condition such as "Cost Center between 001 and 199" to route approvals to a specific user when the cost center is within that range. You can also combine multiple conditions like this one with an "or" grouping to assign multiple ranges to a user.

      For even further precision, you can use the "matches" operator to allow matching by regular expression. This operator works with both Cost Center and Charge Account as a whole.